Prominade Spaniels

"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
"'...he is endowed with style, symmetry, balance,
		enthusiasm and is every inch a sporting dog..."
		                   -Breed Standard
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  “Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, the faithfulness of a dog the best relationship" - Anonymous


AKC Grand Ch. Promenade Perfect Alibi

Black Dog

Sire AKC Ch. Promenade Perfect Gentleman
Dam AKC Ch. Promenade Private Dancer

Josh lives with Jane Chopson near San Fransico, California. She is a second generation dog person whose parents bred and showed Great Danes for many years. Jane has put champion titles on over a hundred dogs and has had at least 10 dogs in the Top 20 systems. Jane has also had 4 Best in Show dogs and had the number one Great Dane last year, 2006.

She has been active in the Great Dane Club of America chairing committees and has served as both a Board member and President. Josh lives with an American Cocker who runs the household and one tricky cat and one noisy Cockatoo.

Josh finished his championship in February 2007, he is now AKC CH. Promenade Perfect Alibi. Congratulations to Jane Chopson and Josh!

Josh goes Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex over ranked special in his very first dog show at 9 months of age.

Jane and Josh by tree.

Josh's Halloween Costume

Group Third / Coyote Hills Kennel Club

Jane and Josh go on a "Field Trip" to the Potato Museum! Ya can't say thissssss dog doesn't go everywhere!!??

Josh and his collection of bears!

How many bears are too many?

wwow- e woww is all I can say about my box o bears. I have never had such a cool gift in my whole little dog life. You guys rule. First I got to sniff the box and then helped open it. I was overwhelmed I could not decide which bear to play with first. Photos were taken of me and I am sure one of the ladies will be sending them on to you.
They are always rushing arround with the camera trying to capture me being cute. Course that is all the time so it is a task for them. My cat friend FOB loved the box climbed right in and played away. He kinda has a thing for boxes I guess. After a while my sister Rootie came up to look at my bears and I growled at her. Well my bears were wisked away from me and put in the bedroom so I did not reunite with my pack until I went to bed. But it was great to discover them all over the bed.
After my pack was so rudely removed to the bedroom I ran FOB out of the box and played with it for quite a while. It smells like you guys in Ohio so I really love it. I chewed on the edges and pushed it arround with my nose for quite a while.Then I got packing tape stuck on my nose and I needed assistance to remove it. Boy am I a happy little bear now that I have my own bear pack. So far I have not really destroyed any of them although I have a nice start on several. Jane and I had a little battle this morning over me wanting to take one outside when I went out. She had to pry my little iron jaws open to forcefully remove it.
When I came in I grabbed a couple and starrted to maul them and she had to take them away so I would eat breakfast.It seems all she does is take them away from me. After breakfast I had a good chew on the box. Well gotta go gotta chew and toss my pack arround. Joshua B Fielding AKA Joshie Bear the Leader of the Pack.

Watch Josh on his first Tracking Day!

This is Josh's "Sister",
a cocker named Rootie.
"She's sleeping on my bed!",
exclaims Josh.
Turn about is fairplay. Josh is
on Rootie's bed!

Ch Promenade Perfect Alibi, Josh, Asher's son, now has 9 Group placements and won the recent Field Spaniel supported entry out west.

I've always thought I looked like a bear. Hmmmm... Are these like me? Am I like them? Are they real???

Wow, now this fella is BIG! Am I going to be this big toooooooooo?

Jane and her young Great Dane she is showing this year, 2008.

Another Gr Placement May 2008

Josh continues to shine in the Sporting Group ring!

Great Dane Specialty
Jane and her Great Dane have another Speciality win!

Ch Promenade Perfect Alibi, Asher's son, in the show ring at the Woofstock shows in California with owner/handler Jane Chopson. Josh and Jane received a Group 4 in the Sporting Group.
Way to go, Josh and Jane!