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"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
...he is endowed with style, symmetry, balance,enthusiasm and is every inch a sporting dog..."-Breed Standard
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"There is no age limit in this matter of loving a dog or being loved by a dog. No one is too young or too old to love a dog or to be loved by a dog." -James Douglas

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Emily's last litter: Kellar, Chief and Helen

With type and soundess in mind, breedings are chosen to conform to breed standard, along with good temperament, trainability and adaptability. Puppies are home-raised, provided the best possible vet care and nutrition. The puppy's early life is geared toward proper socialization and physical growth through thermal, tactile stimulation, and motor locomotion stimuli. Our goal is a well-socialized, confident and trainable puppy. Some studies indicate genetics may account for 35% of personality/performance, while the remaining 65% may be influenced by socialization, environment, training and nutrition.

The critical socialization period for puppies is 4-14 weeks. With that in mind, our puppies play the "Social Butterfly" game which we will ask you to join in at home. Each puppy should have three or four new encounters each week during the first 100 days they live with you.. A "Social Butterfly Checklist" will be sent home with you. (Example: Your puppy should: meet a person wearing a hat, ride in a car, visit a store, hear a doorbell, have their nails trimmed, see children riding bikes, meet an elderly person, meet another puppy, talk to a person in uniform, listen to a crying baby, watch a stranger approach your home door or car door, be introduced to a cat, etc.)

Our puppies are also temperment tested (Vollard Puppy Apptitude Test) in order to place each puppy in the best possible home for companion, show, performance, etc.

Reputable breeders believe all breeding stock should be OFA, CERF, and tested for brucellosis, a highly contagious bacteria which may result in reproductive failure.

Puppies will be eye checked by a Board Certified Ophthalmic Veterinarian and vaccinated before placement. All puppies are sold on contracts, with pet puppies on a spay/neuter contract. Pedigree, AKC papers, and a complete medical record will be provided.

Field Spaniels are a rare breed and people often find they may need to "wait" for a puppy. There are many wonderful breeders who are willing to help you in your search along with our Breeder Referral. When looking for a life long companion, remember you may need to be willing to wait, do research, make many contacts, and spend a little more money. Ethical breeders do lots of research/studying pedigrees before doing a breeding. We also have many questions for prospective owners as you should have of us as well. Your breeder should be someone you "relate" to well. This person should be there for you throughout the life of your puppy/dog. Your breeder should not be offended when you ask for proof of sound hips on parents, clear eyes, and proof of clear eyes on your puppy. Your breeder should be dedicated to his/her dogs and be able to explain how/why breedings are being planned. Your breeder should be comfortable inviting you into his/her home to meet all of their dogs. And your breeder should willingly share an evaluation of the puppies in the litter for your benefit in order to help you "get the right puppy" for you.

Field Spaniels are very family orientated dogs and seem to take on their owners personalities. They are very loving and become very attached to their family. They are not good kennel dogs, preferring to be with their human family.They are good with other dogs, with adults and children. In the field they love to retrieve, swim, and can keep up with the best. So much of our dogs behaviors come from our constant daily work with them and from including them in our everyday lives and activities. Ours are with us in the house much of the day but get outside to train, play, and exercise several times a day. These dogs do well in a family that wants to take the time to be with them. They do not do well in a backyard day after day, they will develop bad habits and probably exhibit behaviors that most would not appreciate such as not listening, digging, etc. Please remember when choosing a dog for your family that they require daily exercise, and attention as well as weekly grooming. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about Field Spaniels.

References will be provided on request.

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