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"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
"'...he is endowed with style, symmetry, balance,
		enthusiasm and is every inch a sporting dog..."
		                   -Breed Standard
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Gilligan goes kayaking with owner Pam Silver.

Beacon is Best Dog of the week at his Doggie Day care!

Beautiful Ruby enjoys the sun in Atlanta.

Julie and puppy Echo.

Sweet Ruby in her home with brother Zeke in Atlanta.

Laura Rowe with Dexter and Addie Jane

Kali is owned and loved by Pat and Linds Linesch.

Ruby and Mom Cindy in Atlanta.

Echo and Julie Wesley!

Echo goes boating in Michigan with Julie Wesley.

Ramble and Buckley celebrate a birthday.

Monkey's son, Petey, is a top show dog. Owned by Linda Blaser.

Ralph Herda and puppy Wallis.

Beacon has his very own best friend...a boy who loves him!!

Beacon loves football

Dexter and Addie Jane in WI.

Monkey goes to school and works with the students in PA.

Dr Joanna Joung and Puppy Teddy.

Pi leaves for Iowa with joe and Jill.

Pi waiting for Joe to play!

Pi in his favorite spot with Joe

Pi attends Puppy classes

Pi enjoying fall

First night at puppy class for Pi

"My box!" says Pi.

Adorable Pi. He lives with Joe and Jill.

Pi is loved by Joe and Jill

Arlo and brother Blu in Indiana

Arlo and Blu being good friends

Arlo lives with Sherry and Family in IN.

Don and Baby Gracie

Piece of the Pi Call name is Pi. A handsome fella!

Pi melts all our hearts!

Piece of the Pi

Pi looks at his littermates! Cute!

Ramble celebrates 1st birthday with Kate and Tim in Washington, DC

Ramble and brother Buckley in Washington, DC

Ramble and Buckley celebrate Buckley's birthday.

Ramble and older brother Buckley


    Hunter - Promenade Prince Charming

    Reece - Promenade Pleased as Punch

    Jake - Promenade Pot of Gold

    Hunter - Promenade Paw Print

    Chief - Promenade Polar Express

    Max - Promenade Prince of Tides

    Bailey - Promenade Prince of the Forrest

    Paco - Promenade Playing with Polamalu

    Gus - Promenade Parisan Honeymoon

    Bogart - Promenade Petrus To Savor

    Reagan - Promenade Presidential Preference

    Robert Redford - Promenade Promise to Sundance Kid

    Jake - Promenade Probable Cause

    Dakota - Promenade Plains

    Montana - Promenade President's Rock

    Kody - Promenade Perfect Manners

    Boone - Promenade Playful Pioneer

    Rocket - Promenade Perfect Picture

    Eli - Promenade Praise Worthy


    Ruby - Promenade Ruby Rose

    Nina - Promenade Party of One

    Isabella - Promenade Perpetual Motion

    Rudy - Promenade Pretty in Pink

    Sally - Promenade Peanut Butter Cup

    Helena (Helen Margaret Elizabeth) - Promenade Peace Be With You

    Addie-Jane - Promenade People Will Talk

    Micah - Promenade Prayers of Grace

    Jackee - Promenade Patriot's Pride

    Pearl - Promenade Pearl of Wisdom

    Bella II - Promenade Portrait in Black

    Zoey - Promenade Princess Warrior

    Patience - Promenade Patience Pays Off

    Ruby - Promenade Penny Lane

    Poppy - Promenade Princess Poppycock

    Caycee - Promenade Perfect Gift

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