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"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
"'...unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving,
		independant and intelligent, with a great
		affinity for human companionship...'
		                   -Breed Standard
...he is endowed with style, symmetry, balance,enthusiasm and is every inch a sporting dog..."-Breed Standard
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"...Guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, dog companions for these that live alone... dogs who comfort the sick and the elderly and befriend lonely children. All over the world there are hundreds of thousands of these faithful animals serving us with their love." - IR.E.



Legacy and Carlton were our first two English Springers (1984) and both are now waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. They became regular visitors at the Mill Creek Nursing Home in Marysville, Ohio, bringing delight and comfort to many residents.


Our dear sweet Schylar was with us for over 15 years. Schylar is shown here going Best of Winners at her first AKC show. This sweet girl has been a joy to have in my life. She was a wonderful mother to her own puppies and a great "teacher" for all the puppies who have arrived since. I was blessed to have this dear girl with me for so long. So dear to my heart!!!!!!!!!! Schylar is now waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.


Hojo, Promenade's Shir-Step N Out CGC, (OFA Good, CERF) is a Schylar son. He had a limited run in the show ring, 5 pts shy of his Championship, and trained in obedience and agility. He now resides in PA with Tracey Anselome, a young MD, living the life of luxury as a beloved couch dog. Ah, isnt that the best?!


Frannie, a Hojo daughter, shown here going Best of Winners, finished her championship and is retired.


Carlye has a Major and four points toward her championship. Carlye found her niche in obedience and agility, and being the family "clown". Some dogs catch frisbees, Carlye's trick was catching ice cubes from anyone's glass. Carlye lives with a very dear friend, Kay Williams, here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Carlye has her Canine Good Citizen title.


Toby, Promenade's Traveler CGC, was placed in a companion home where he became a playful friend for several foster children. Regretfully, his owner developed health problems and was unable to keep him. He returned to us while still a young dog and recently (7/04) turned 11 years old. This dog should wear the hat for "Best Ambassador of the Breed"......a sweeter, more friendly dog would be hard to find!



Zachary received a Group II at his first puppy match. A frequent visitor in my kindergarten classroom, Zach chased shadows for play. Cassidy enjoyed obedience work. Eager to please, she would remain in a "Sit/Stay" and not touch the enticing hotdog dropped at her feet. Bravos Cassie!

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